Community Engagement Plan

05/18/2007: Juanita and Phillip Arguello and their children (photo by Darren Phillips) (MAR10)

In fall of 2014 the Vice President for Economic Development, Director of Cooperative Extension, and Deans from across campus convened a strategic planning team to develop NMSU’s first Community Engagement Plan. The plan, called for under NMSU’s strategic plan Vision 2020, aligns with all 5 of NMSU’s strategic goals, and spans across all programs, colleges and units in the NMSU System.

The Community Engagement Plan is designed to align institutional engagement efforts; craft a methodology to effectively record and report the impacts of community engagement; leverage partnerships and resources; and most importantly to communicate and reward community engagement activity conducted by and through NMSU.

The Community Engagement Plan is supported by NMSU’s Community Engagement Council. The plan and supplemental council documents can be found at the links below. The history of community engagement in the Land-Grant System.